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I've been nominated by Lou from loudoesbeauty for the Liebster award! It's very exciting and lovely to know that people are actually reading this :)


* Link back to the person who nominated you.
* Answer the questions given to you.
* Pick nominees with under 200 followers to answer 11 questions     you choose for them.
* You can't nominate the person who has nominated you and you    must tell the nominees.
* Include 11 facts about yourself!

So here goes...

Facts about me:

1. I have a beautiful, loving sister called Natalie.
2. I live with my boyfriend Luke in a cute little rented house.
3. I am currently studying for a Diploma in Events and Wedding   styling.
4. I worry. A lot.
5. I enjoy being creative when I get the chance.
6. I love Greek and Spanish food.
7. I own a lot of bags, and shoes for that matter.
8. One of my favourite shops is Primark :)
9. I still don't know what I want to do for a career.
10. I buy and read a lot of magazines.
11. I love donuts, especially jam filled from the bakers mmm!

Questions from Lou:

1. Are you shy or outgoing?

Shy unfortunately...although I can act my way through and I don't think I appear as shy as I feel!

2. Have any pets?

When I was younger, my sister had a hampster called Titania. No pets now though!

3. Beauty essentials?

Concealer, unfortunately I havn't got the best skin so cover up is top of my beauty list! Also lipgloss, I feel bare without something on my lips!

4. Fashion accessory you always wear?

Necklace, I love a statement piece!

5. Heels or flats?

My heart says heels but my body says flats! For some reason I can't walk in heels which hurts my love for them!

6. Favourite food?

Any kind of home cooking-casseroles, roasts, pies! My mum is the best cook so I love to go home and treat myself.

7. What country do you want to visit most?

I have already been to America but there are so many places I would like to visit in the US. I would particularly like to travel North America and Canada.

8. Celebrity crush?

I'd probable have to pick Ryan Gosling since "The Notebook"

9. Favourite blog?

I love the look and feel of From and Milk bubble tea


10. Favourite make-up brand?

I couldn't pick a favourite! I literally jump from one to another.

11. Tea or coffee?

Coffee, give me a Caramel Latte any day <3

So far, I nominate the following bloggers...

Sophia Beltran

The 11 questions are:

1. What made you start blogging?
2. Shower or bath?
3. Where did you go on your last holiday?
4. For the next month you can only buy fashion or beauty products, which would you choose?
5. Sweet or savoury?
6. Who is your favourite blogger?
7. What is your favourite shop?
8. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
9. What would be your dream job?
10. What do you ejoy most about blogging?
11. Pick a favourite product from last month.

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